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Welcome to our Sunday School !
Devoted to our smallest, and most important, parishioners

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Icon Procession
On October 31, Halloween, Fr George and Sunday School Superintendent, Linda Soper-Kolton explained to the children that  Halloween is more than collecting candy and wearing scary costimes. It is also about remembering  those who are no longer with us. The children were each given an icon and organized into a procession around the church while everyone sang "Oh Lord Save Thy People." 

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Website Updates
11/29/21Sunday, December 5 is the last Sunday for the PJ Drive
11/28/21St Nicholas - Vespers and Liturgy -

Next Sunday, Sunday, December 5, we will celebrate vespers for St Nicholas immediately after Liturgy. Please have children bring an extra pair of shoes to leave for St Nicholas. 

11/15/21Passing of Elizabeta (Veta) Babu -

 We regret to announce that Elizabeta (Veta) Babu has fallen asleep. 

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