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This week is Apostle's Fast Week

 Friday, June 28    Vespers   6 PM. 

St.s Peter and Paul  - Holy Liturgy Saturday (6/29), 10 AM

Thank you for our successful 40th Annual Summer Festival
Sights from our 40th Annual Summer Festival

Join us for our Festival
We are celebrating our 90th Anniversary!!!!!

Join us for our Summer Festival - June 21-23! 

In addition to our regular favorites - Grilled Lamb, Pita, Stuffed Cabbage and Homemade Breads and Pastry - we will be having rides and concessions!

Welcome the newly baptized and chrismated: Nectarios, Ioan, Ioana and Maria

On Lazarus Saturday we welcomed the newly chrismated servant of Christ- Francis (Nectarios) O' Reilly. Then on Holy Saturday, while we celebrated the glorious open tomb of Christ - we chrismated  his son John (Ioan) and his two granddaughters Emma (Ioana) and Layla (Maria.)  The godparents are Joe and Maria Puzstay and Melania and Radu Masala and, their son,  our altar boy, Matthew.

Images of Pascha 2019

Upcoming Schedule
  • 21


    9:15 Matins
    10:00 Divine Liturgy
  • 23


    6:30 Bible Class
  • 25


    11:30 Living Our Faith
  • 28


    9:15 Matins
    10:00 Divine Liturgy
  • 30


    6:30 Bible Class
  • 1


    Procession of the Cross
    11:30 Living Our Faith
  • 4


    9:15 Matins
    10:00 Divine Liturgy
    Fast: wine & oil
  • 6


    6:30 Bible Class
    Fast: fish, wine, & oil
  • 8


    11:30 Living Our Faith
  • 11


    9:15 Matins
    10:00 Divine Liturgy
    Fast: wine & oil

Coffee Hour and Holy Bread sponsors now on Monthly Calendar

We now list the sponsors of Coffee Hour and Holy Bread on our Monthly Calendar.  Click the here or go to Calendar of Events tab on the top of the page. Coffee Hour information will be listed in green and Holy Bread in orange. Multiple people can donate Holy Bread each week - but please contact the church office if you have questions about sponsoring a coffee hour.

Recipes for Lenten Meals

Are you looking for meatless and dairy-free meal suggestions during Lent?

Our Sunday School teacher, and vegan chef extraordinaire, Linda Soper-Kolton offers her recipe blog to our community.  All her recipes are meat- and dairy-free.  You can even search for recipies by meal or specific ingredient. 

She also has written a new vegan cookbook for the Catskill Sanctuary called "Compassionate Cuisine: The Cookbook

Linda - Thank you for your sharing your gift with us


Our Mission Statement

To know and experience the love of GOD –Father, Son and Holy Spirit; to worship Him in spirit and in truth as taught by the Lord through His Apostles; and to welcome and encourage others to know and love Him! 



Thank you for visiting the website of St. Dimitrie Romanian Orthodox Church in Easton, Connecticut. This site provides a glimpse into our parish, our Faith and our community.  We hope these announcements, updates, photographs and history will be interesting and enjoyable.
Our family invites you to come participate in the life of our parish and worship with us. 
Services: Our doors and arms are open to you and we pray you find a home with us.
During the summer, Sunday Matins begins at 9:15am and Liturgy at 10:00am. 
All our services are held in English with Romanian prayers and hymns (which are also repeated in English) - and our choir

Our Kitchen Wish List
* Do you have an unused refrigerator? Did you recently purchase a new fridge and have an old one taking up space? If so - we have a family who is in need. Please see Fr. George or Psa Marian for more information.
 If you've been to St. Dimitrie, you've enjoyed the delicious food that comes out of our very own kitchen. From pitas to stuffed cabbage, nut rolls to sweet bread, it doesn't happen by magic! The making of our homemade food requires many hands, a multitude of ingredients, and lots of shopping--and it happens all year round.
Next time you're shopping, please consider buying something from our "wish list". If something is on sale, buy more than one! If everyone brings in something occasionally, it lightens the load in more ways than you can imagine!
And as you've heard, many hands make light work. We could use your help, especially in the weeks and days leading up to our festivals and when we host events in the hall. Please check the website for our kitchen calendar to see what's happening when. Even an hour or two is a tremendous help and no experience is required! If you'd like to help before or after coffee hour, extra hands are always appreciated.


•  Butter

•  Walnuts

•  Granulated Sugar

•  Canola/vegetable/
     olive oil

•  White Rice

•  All-purpose, unbleached
     white flour

•  Pure Vanilla Extract

•  Pam cooking spray

•  Coffee

•  Decaf coffee

•  Cases of bottled water



•  Paper towels

•  Paper plates

•  Coffee cups

•  Aluminum foil

Join Us For

Bible Study, Tuesday, 6:30 pm - This is open to everyone - both Orthodox and non-Orthodox

Living our Faith, Thursday, 11:30 am  


For additional information  - call the church at (203)268-8237 or go to  the "Adult Religion" section on the Organizations page (click button on left)


Fr George Honored on Anniversary of Ordination
May God Grant Him Many Years

Prayers of gratitude flowed on Sunday, September 17 as we surprised Fr George and Psa Marian with a coffee hour on the fourteenth anniversary of his Ordination to the Priesthood. Parish Council president Bob Nicola commented that "we wouldn't be here if it wasn't for Fr George and we wouldn't be the community we are if he wasn't here to lead us."

After a chorus of " God Grant You Many Years, " Ladies President Betsy Cipu presented Psa Marian with a bouquet of flowers.   Fr. George  reminded us "it takes a village and we have to remember to love each other, love the Lord and love this community."  

"The people present are the main support of this parish and don't ever give that up. Bring your children, grandchildren and godchildren. Let this parish countinue when we are gone from here and our decendants take over for us."
La Multi Ani and Good Health to Fr George and Psa Marian from a grateful parish.

Click here for the full You Tube Clip:

Pay Dues, Donations or Sponsorships by Credit Card

Did you know you can make donations, be a festival sponsor or pay your dues by credit card?

Click the Administration/Donation button in the upper left, then click  "Make a Donation" button and follow instructions

You can also go to


We accept PayPal, MasterCard, Visa and Discover

St. Dimitrie in the CT Post!

St. Dimitrie 's new icons are in the Pulse Section of Saturday's (8/31/13) CT Post!  See the article "Creative Gifts, Spirituality Shine in Icon Painter's Art"

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