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As of Sept 6, 2021 - Wear Mask Indoors - In accordance with new guidelines

Everyone must wear a face mask indoors. Please bring one from home.  Help us stay safe and remain 6 ft apart especially while waiting in line for communion or to venerate the Cross after liturgy.
Thank you - Fr George M Coca, Parish Priest and  Spiro C. Fatsy, Parish Council President

Apple Picking Season- Be prepared for traffic jams

We are fortunate our spiritual home is located in a beautiful area  and has FOUR farms within close proximity. But each fall we remind everyone about the traffic jams on Sport Hill Road. See our "About St Dimitrie" tab for detours and adjust your trip accordingly 

Celebrate our 97th Anniversary - October 24, 2021
Robert K. Blaschke
Robert K. Blaschke
Robert K. Blaschke
Audrey Yanka Fatsy
Audrey Yanka Fatsy
Audrey Yanka Fatsy

Join us on October 24, 2021 as we are blessed to celebrate our 97th Anniversary. This year we will honor Robert K. Blaschke and Audrey Yanka Fatsy and recognize Elisabeta (Veta) Bileca Babu on her 100th Birthday.

Robert K. (Bob) Blaschke: Joining St. Dimitrie in 1996, Bob used his background in financial and information systems to oversee the transition of our accounting and recordkeeping into computers. Since then he has been responsible for mainting 

Audrey Yanka Fatsy: A tireless worker for the past 58 years since her marriage at St. Dimitrie in 1963, Audrey has been involved in every aspect of our parish life from Sunday School teacher to Ladies President. Her support for our Church, Episcopate and local Orthodox organizations will be recognized.

Elisabeta (Veta) Bileca Babu: On her 100th birthday, Saturday, October 23, 2021, we thank our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ, for having Veta amongst us, in good times and bad. Her graciousness and “can do” attitude remind us of the Generation of Pioneers who came to America to perpetuate the survival of our glorious heritage.

Click here to watch Alexandra and Chris Dima wish Veta a very Happy 99th Birthday in 2020. 

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Dear Parishioners, Christ is in our midst!
Our COVID Policy

You will be required to adhere to the following CDC Directives: 

  1. Everyone must wear a face mask. Please bring one from home.

  2. Your temperature will be taken with a thermal thermometer as you enter. Anyone displaying a fever will not be permitted to enter.

  3. You will be required to use hand sanitizer (made available in the vestibule).

  4. You will have to sign in–name and phone number–for our records in order to do tracking just in case, God forbid, someone contracts the virus. 

    By signing in each week, you are agreeing to what is stated in the document “COVID-19 Sign-in Sheet.” These notices will also be posted at church.

  5. You will be allowed to sit in the open pews keeping the proper distance (6 feet or 2 meters) between each other unless you live together. Alternate rows will be taped off.

  6. . HOLY COMMUNIONWhen you approach the chalice, you will be given a napkin to hold under your chin and I will use a new, disposable spoon for each person who receives the body and blood of Christ.  

  7. No handshakes or hugs (I’m sorry ‘cause I want to hug all of you). 

  8. Icons, etc. should not be kissed, it would be fine to bow your head.

  9. Unfortunately, there will be no Fellowship Hour in the Hall until further notice.

  10. We will try to have doors open so that you don’t have to touch handles.

  11. There will be no books in the pews so that you don’t have to worry about touching them.

  12. The pews and all items will be disinfected after each service and multiple doors will be open after the service so that we can keep our distance while exiting. 

  13. We may offer nafura (church bread) in the most sanitary manner possible. 

    I urge those of you who are among the more vulnerable to not rush back just yet and if you don’t feel safe, it’s alright to excuse yourself. We are in very careful times and we want everyone to be safe and to stay safe. I know that the Church should be the best and safest place to be, but we also have to be sensible. We don’t need to test the Lord and His care and love for us. 

    God bless us and protect us and keep us safe. 

    With love and concern for all of you, 

    Fr. George

Light a Virtual Candle, Prayer Requests and Donations

Many parishioners have been expressing a desire to have candles lit and prayers said for them. Click the "Prayers and Virtual Candles" tab above (it will appear white when you mouse over it.)

  1. Request Candles be lit
  2. Submit Prayer Requests (confidential between you and Fr George)
  3. Make Donations

For additional information click this link for a pdf outlining step by step instructions.


Special link for mobile users: Click here for Virtual Candles and Donations

Thank you for your Donations

This year because of our limitations in participating in our hall, Ladies’ Auxiliary President Diane Nicola asked the ladies not to bring food for Caraga. Instead, they were requested to help our kitchen crew by bringing kitchen supplies. P-sa Marian said she felt like Christmas with the all the “gifts” that were brought. The above picture shows her with all the supplies brought just by Evelyn Balamaci.

God bless our Ladies' Auxiliary and all the generous contributors from so many ladies. I’m sorry we can’t name all of you individually- God bless! Thank you so much for your kindness. Please consider joining them as members of our Auxiliary in Fellowship and working for the Parish---and fun times, too!

Please keep in mind we can always use these donations

  • Paper towels
  • Liquid dish detergent
  • Sponges
  • Brillo
  • Plastic bags of all sizes
  • Small plastic sandwich bags for church bread on Sundays and Holy Days - preferably fold top 
  • Boxes of Tissues
  • Single serve bottled water
  • Saran wrap
  • Parchment paper
  • Olive oil
  • Canola oil
  • Pam Spray 
  • Butter
  • Walnuts


About our Ladies Auxillary
Congratulations to the newly elected officers of our Ladies Auxiliary

Congratulations to our new officers. May God bless their work for St Dimitrie and our community. 

President  - Diana Nicola
Vice President - Marie Wood
Treasurer - Linda Lazar
Secretary/Recording Administrator - Annette Shawah
Auditors - Audrey Fatsy and Jennie Babu
Membership - Marie Agostin

A special thanks to outgoing President Betsy Cipu, who has been President of the Ladies for a total of 16 years, and her outgoing officers.


Recipes from our vegan chef and Sunday School Superintendent, Linda Soper Kolton

Our own vegan chef extraordinaire, Linda Soper-Kolton offers her recipe blog to our community.  All her recipes are meat- and dairy-free.  You can even search for recipies by meal or specific ingredient. 

She also has written a vegan cookbook for the Catskill Sanctuary called "Compassionate Cuisine: The Cookbook.  See her for information about purchasing a copy.

Linda - Thank you for your sharing your gifts with us



St. Dimitrie in the CT Post!

St. Dimitrie 's new icons are in the Pulse Section of Saturday's (8/31/13) CT Post!  See the article "Creative Gifts, Spirituality Shine in Icon Painter's Art"

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