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Nov, 29, 2020 - IMPORTANT COVID Message from Fr George

Fr George made the following announcement on Sunday, November 29. Please click this link to view the entire message

  • Each week he receives a phone call from Hartford and Easton Town Hall reminding him of the limitations of church attendance. We never know if an inspector will visit the church and could close us down or impose a fine. Several churches, including a Romanian parish in Queens, have been shut down due to too many people not socially distancing

  • Please do not be upset with the Epitrops or the President if they remind you:
    • Not to sit together - unless you are from the same household
    • Remain 6 feet from each other - including the communion line
    • Keep wearing your mask and make sure it covers your nose and mouth
    • Take your temperature.
  • He does not make house calls or hospital visits because he does not want to contract the disease or risk spreading it to the community. Unfortunately, Holy Ghost Church has had to temporarily cancel services because two parishioners have tested positive for COVID.




Our Christmas Food and Bake Sale

Click here to download order form or go to FOOD >  Christmas Food and Bake Sale

Children's Pajama Drive
Collecting Children's Pajamas and Winter Coats for all ages

PAJAMAS:  The Ladies will be collecting childrens pajamas to be given to children living in a battered women's shelter. Please bring new pajamas for boys and girls of all ages ranging from toddlers through teens and place them in the specially marked boxes. There will be one located in the vestibule and another by the back door.


WINTER COATS: We are also collecting winter coats for all ages - men and women, children....
These will be given to the Bridgeport Rescue Mission and distributed to their homeless residents.

Visit from St Nicholas - December 6
St Nicholas will visit the children of St Dimitrie

Mark your Calendar for December 6

Please note: The annual visit of St Nicholas will take place after Holy Liturgy on Sunday, December 6, not at Evening Vespers on Saturday, December 5. Please bring your children on Sunday to Holy Liturgy with a spare pair of shoes to receive their gift from St Nicholas

Services on our You Tube channel

Dear Parishioners, Christ is in our midst!
Our COVID Policy

You will be required to adhere to the following CDC Directives: 

  1. Everyone must wear a face mask. Please bring one from home.

  2. Your temperature will be taken with a thermal thermometer as you enter. Anyone displaying a fever will not be permitted to enter.

  3. You will be required to use hand sanitizer (made available in the vestibule).

  4. You will have to sign in–name and phone number–for our records in order to do tracking just in case, God forbid, someone contracts the virus. 

    By signing in each week, you are agreeing to what is stated in the document “COVID-19 Sign-in Sheet.” These notices will also be posted at church.

  5. You will be allowed to sit in the open pews keeping the proper distance (6 feet or 2 meters) between each other unless you live together. Alternate rows will be taped off.

  6. . HOLY COMMUNIONWhen you approach the chalice, you will be given a napkin to hold under your chin and I will use a new, disposable spoon for each person who receives the body and blood of Christ.  

  7. No handshakes or hugs (I’m sorry ‘cause I want to hug all of you). 

  8. Icons, etc. should not be kissed, it would be fine to bow your head.

  9. Unfortunately, there will be no Fellowship Hour in the Hall until further notice.

  10. We will try to have doors open so that you don’t have to touch handles.

  11. There will be no books in the pews so that you don’t have to worry about touching them.

  12. The pews and all items will be disinfected after each service and multiple doors will be open after the service so that we can keep our distance while exiting. 

  13. We may offer nafura (church bread) in the most sanitary manner possible. 

    I urge those of you who are among the more vulnerable to not rush back just yet and if you don’t feel safe, it’s alright to excuse yourself. We are in very careful times and we want everyone to be safe and to stay safe. I know that the Church should be the best and safest place to be, but we also have to be sensible. We don’t need to test the Lord and His care and love for us. 

    God bless us and protect us and keep us safe. 

    With love and concern for all of you, 

    Fr. George

Our Right to Vote

Tuesday, November 3, 2020 is Election Day and voting is a privilege, honor and a right.

Fr George said "If we want to continue to live in a free country, we have to exercise one of our most important freedoms. The right to vote."
Then he asked everyone to stand and sing "God Bless America." 
Click here to view our community 

Feast of St Dimitrie
St Dimitrie
St Dimitrie
St Dimitrie
Celebrating Our Parish Anniversary

On Sunday, October 25, 2020 we honored the feast of our patron saint, St. Dimitrie, the Martyr with Divine Liturgy and Vespers. See below for Fr. George's sermon and selections from the Vespers service .
Although we were unable to have our traditional dinner, we celebrated the 99th birthday of Mrs. Elizaveta (Veta) Babu and  Fr. George shared some words of wisdom from his mother-in-law.

Click here to hear special La Multi Ani wishes to Veta from her nephew Christopher Dima and his daughter Alexandra.

Light a Virtual Candle, Prayer Requests and Donations

Although we cannot enter our physical church, many parishioners have been expressing a desire to have candles lit and prayers said for them. 
Click the "Prayers and Virtual Candles" tab above (it will appear white when you mouse over it.)

  1. Request Candles be lit
  2. Submit Prayer Requests (confidential between you and Fr George)
  3. Make Donations

For additional information click this link for a pdf outlining step by step instructions.


Special link for mobile users: Click here for Virtual Candles and Donations

Our Mission Statement

To know and experience the love of GOD –Father, Son and Holy Spirit; to worship Him in spirit and in truth as taught by the Lord through His Apostles; and to welcome and encourage others to know and love Him! 



Thank you for visiting the website of St. Dimitrie Romanian Orthodox Church in Easton, Connecticut. This site provides a glimpse into our parish, our Faith and our community.  We hope these announcements, updates, photographs and history will be interesting and enjoyable.
Our family invites you to come participate in the life of our parish and worship with us. 
Services: Our doors and arms are open to you and we pray you find a home with us.
Sunday Matins begins at 9:15am and Liturgy at 10:00am. 
All our services are held in English with Romanian prayers and hymns (which are also repeated in English) - and our choir

Recipes from our vegan chef and Sunday School Superintendent, Linda Soper Kolton

Our own vegan chef extraordinaire, Linda Soper-Kolton offers her recipe blog to our community.  All her recipes are meat- and dairy-free.  You can even search for recipies by meal or specific ingredient. 

She also has written a vegan cookbook for the Catskill Sanctuary called "Compassionate Cuisine: The Cookbook.  See her for information about purchasing a copy.

Linda - Thank you for your sharing your gifts with us



St. Dimitrie in the CT Post!

St. Dimitrie 's new icons are in the Pulse Section of Saturday's (8/31/13) CT Post!  See the article "Creative Gifts, Spirituality Shine in Icon Painter's Art"

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