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Prayers, Virtual Candles and Donations

Although we cannot enter our physical church,  parishioners have been expressing a desire to have candles lit for them and prayers said for them and their loved ones.  Fr. George will light candles and then offer prayers on your behalf. If you are able to make a donation we would appreciate it. For additional information and step by step instructions - click on this link.

Use our email form below to list what type of prayers (IMO, IHO, etc) and our priest will light a candle. You can also request one of the following candles:

  • Sanctuary Candle - These will be kept lit all week long
  • Ambon Candles - these are kept lit on the altar
  • Votive Candles (these are the small candles in colored glass containers in rack)

Please know that all prayer requests are private between you and Fr. George. If you have any concerns, please contact Fr. George at (203) 268-8237

Instructions to make a donation

Making Donations

1. See the Donation-Light A Candle Section below and click blue Donate button

2. Type in amount to Give

3. Fill in Name, Address and Email.

4. Complete information for payment method.

4. You may also click boxes for:

Recurring donations -to repeat this donation
• Cover fees (cover the nominal credit card fees usually paid by the church)

5. You will see a Thanks message and receive a confirmation sent to the email address you provided.

Candle and Prayer Donations

If you prefer to mail a check, instead of making an online donation, please make check payable to:
St. Dimitrie Orthodox Church and mail to: 504 Sport Hill Road, Easton CT 06612


Your donation will continue to support St. Dimitrie. Thank You!

Prayer and Candle Request to Fr George - This is confidential between you and Fr George.

Candles and/or Prayers

1. Complete the Prayer Request email form

2. Fill in your Name, Email Address and Subject.

3. In Comments section list what type of prayers (IMO, IHO, etc.) You may also request the type of candles:

• Sanctuary Candles - kept lit all week long
• Ambon Candles - kept lit on the altar
• Votive Candles - colored glass holders in rack

4.Complete the email form below and be sure to check the
following buttons:  

• “I am not a robot” box

• “Send the message” button



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St. Dimitrie Romanian Orthodox Church 504 Sport Hill Rd. Easton, CT 06612 (203) 268-8237

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