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 St. Dimitrie Sunday School


A Prayer for Our Sunday School Children

Loving Father, please bless our students in the year ahead. We ask that you make their minds teachable and their hearts open to receive Your word. Bless them with health and safety, not only while in our care, but always. Fill our hearts with the joy of sharing Your love with them and grant us wisdom, patience, and the resources we need to serve You through our teaching. Amen.


Registration forms for 2021-2022 are available on the bulletin boards by the Sunday School rooms. If you have any questions, feel free to contact Linda Soper-Kolton at

Our Sunday School year is getting underway and we are so excited, and blessed, to have the opportunity to teach the children of our community. The greatest gift, the most precious inheritance that we have to give to our children is our Orthodox Faith. In our Sunday School program, we strive to share the knowledge of our faith and instill a love of Jesus Christ and by planting these seeds while our children are young, they we will be able to reap the harvest in years to come...and for eternity. 

At the heart of Sunday School is joy and love and we hope that by using a variety of books, the Bible, movies, discussions, crafts and games, children will enjoy learning about Christian values, our faith, the sacraments, prayer, scripture, and the elements of Orthodox church life. The other benefit of participating in the program is that our children have an opportunity to make new friends…friends they can look forward to seeing at church…friends that they can share a common bond with in years to come. Many members of the congregation maintain lifelong relationships built in the early years of St. Dimitrie Sunday School.

Sunday School affirms the home as the center of spiritual guidance. Parents are the most important people in a child’s life, and learning about God starts in the home. Teaching children about God and the Orthodox faith is a seven-day-a-week effort, not something that can be done on Sunday morning in class. We pledge to do our best to support you in your child’s spiritual education, and stand ready to help you at any time.

Who are the Sunday School Teachers, Assistants and Administrators?

Pre-Kindergarten - 1st Grade

  • Mary Olteanu, Teacher

2nd - 4th Grades


Sunday School Administrator

  • Linda Kolton (see above)


Social Events 

In addition to religious education, there are social events throughout the year to bring children and families closer to each other and to others in the church community. Please check the bulletin and Calendar of Events page on our website for upcoming events.

  • Parent Volunteers: There are always opportunities to get involved in class. If you are interested in helping with craft activities, reading a story or bringing in a special snack, please let us know!
  • Prayer: We believe that prayer is an effective and powerful force to help protect your child and help him develop to his highest spiritual potential. We would much appreciate your prayers for us and all the classes as well. In addition, we encourage your child to develop the habit of a daily quiet time with God, which will help provide a firm foundation for his future life.

We consider it an honor and privilege to be allowed to work with your child over the next year.  We much appreciate your support, and we pledge to work with you in the best interests of your child.


Immediately following Communion, teachers will meet in the back of the church and bring children downstairs for class. Parents are invited to enjoy the remainder of the service and meet children after coffee hour. Class ends at 12:00 p.m.
See Linda Kolton if you have questions. She can be reached at  or call her at 203-696-0807.
See a slide show of some of our Sunday School children in class 
Click here to download  and print a Sunday School Registration form and bring it with you to class.

Update on Sunday School:

Pre-K and Kindergarten: These children are trying to grasp complex ideas starting with God as the creator of all things. They learned how God is a member of our family and that we come to His house to pray and thank Him for all that we have. The children have mastered the sign of the cross and now they’re working on learning the Lord’s Prayer. In the spring thoughts will turn to the Pascha season and lessons will span several weeks as we impart these most important teachings to all grade levels.

Grades 1 and 2: The children have been learning about our relationship with God, how He cares about our feelings, how He wants us to live, how He wants us to forgive and care for each other. The children did a Christmas project for some of our “shut-ins” as a way to care for others in our community and for Valentine’s Day, the kids made Valentines for service members. These projects are a good way to reinforce our role as God’s hands on earth, loving and serving others where we can. For Pascha, we’ll be learning about what Lent means and how we can participate.

Grades 3 and Up: While these children are the oldest in our program, the concepts they are 13 being exposed to and taught are still very complex. These children are spending an extended period on the Ten Commandments. The complex subject of sin and free will are being taught. Children in this age group will soon be faced with peer pressure and some difficult choices. Audriana’s lessons include talking about prayers we can use to help us make the right choice and of course, repentance and confession for when we don’t make the right choices. Whether or not you have children, grandchildren, nieces or nephews in the church school program, know that the Orthodox faith is alive and well and being passed down to future generations right here within the walls of St. Dimitrie!

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Our choir was led for many years under the direction of Director Emeritus Gina Cook who was our Director of over 50 years with her able Co-Director Diane Vieira. In 2011- in honor of Gina Cook’s long service to the parish, the choir loft in our new home was named the Gina Pittu Cook Mezzanine.  

Now that we have a single liturgy - we have new members and some of our young people, as well, to enhance the beauty of the Divine Liturgy. Thank you to our new Choir Director - Ms Daniella Babu-Geer.

We welcome all voices - but especially tenors and basses. Any questions - contact Daniella at


Check out the musical highlights from our 2013 Choir Christmas Concert:


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Adult Religious Classes - These classes have been put on hold due to the pandemic - but we hope to resume them when it is safe to gather in groups.

We offer two classes open to everyone who is eager to learn more about the Orthodox faith and we encourage both Orthodox and non-Orthodox alike. 

For additional information  - email the Church Office at or Fr. George Coca at the following phone numbers:203-268-8237 (Church) or 203-373-0410 (Home) or 203-895-5464 (Cell). 

  • Living Our Faith is held from 11:00 am to 12:00 pm on Wedesday morning in the Parish Library. This is an introduction to the Faith for both Orthodox and non-Orthodox alike who wish to learn more about our beliefs.

  • Bible Class is held from 6:30 pm to 8:00 pm on Tuesday evening in the Tonna Hall. Coffee and refreshments will be served at 6:00 pm. We are studying the Gospel of John and once again, Orthodox and non-Orthodox alike are welcome.

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