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Our Organizations

Our community is comprised of many organizations that contribute to our parish life. Click on the organization below  to read more information.  




Ladies Auxiliary

The Ladies Auxiliary is still the backbone of special events, dinners and other projects. They continue to bake and sell pitas, cuzonac, breads and specialty dinners. They are the main supporters of the church’s spiritual process; retreats, presentations and church services as well as its material necessities. The women of our parish, through all their hard work and fund raising, outfitted the kitchen of our new home. For more information contact Betsy Cipu at


 St. Dimitrie Sunday School

Our Sunday School year is getting underway and we are so excited, and blessed, to have the opportunity to teach the children of our community. The greatest gift, the most precious inheritance that we have to give to our children is our Orthodox Faith. In our Sunday School program, we strive to share the knowledge of our faith and instill a love of Jesus Christ and by planting these seeds while our children are young, they we will be able to reap the harvest in years to come...and for eternity. 

At the heart of Sunday School is joy and love and we hope that by using a variety of books, the Bible, movies, discussions, crafts and games, children will enjoy learning about Christian values, our faith, the sacraments, prayer, scripture, and the elements of Orthodox church life. The other benefit of participating in the program is that our children have an opportunity to make new friends…friends they can look forward to seeing at church…friends that they can share a common bond with in years to come. Many members of the congregation maintain lifelong relationships built in the early years of St. Dimitrie Sunday School.

Sunday School affirms the home as the center of spiritual guidance. Parents are the most important people in a child’s life, and learning about God starts in the home. Teaching children about God and the Orthodox faith is a seven-day-a-week effort, not something that can be done on Sunday morning in class. We pledge to do our best to support you in your child’s spiritual education, and stand ready to help you at any time.

Who are the Sunday School Teachers, Assistants and Administrators?

Pre-Kindergarten - 1st Grade

2nd - 4th Grades

5th -8th Grades

Sunday School Administrators


Sunday School Begins October 2 at 11:15 a.m. - 12:00 a.m.


Social Events 

In addition to religious education, there are social events throughout the year to bring children and families closer to each other and to others in the church community. Please check the bulletin and Calendar of Events page on our website for upcoming events.

  • Parent Volunteers: There are always opportunities to get involved in class. If you are interested in helping with craft activities, reading a story or bringing in a special snack, please let us know!
  • Prayer: We believe that prayer is an effective and powerful force to help protect your child and help him develop to his highest spiritual potential. We would much appreciate your prayers for us and all the classes as well. In addition, we encourage your child to develop the habit of a daily quiet time with God, which will help provide a firm foundation for his future life.

We consider it an honor and privilege to be allowed to work with your child over the next year.  We much appreciate your support, and we pledge to work with you in the best interests of your child.

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 Mac-AROY (Macedonian-American Romanian Orthodox Youth)

Mac-AROY, a group for the older youth of our community, is actively involved in helping at events, and, of course, church services. One of their greatest contributions is the preservation and presentation of our ethnic heritage and dances. Their dance groups are the big hit of the night at our Annual Festival. The hope of the church is that they continue to grow in faith, devotion and service to keep their involvement in the life of the parish. For more information contact Audriana Ocrain at (203) 268-8237.

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Our choir was led for many years under the direction of Director Emeritus Gina Cook who was our Director of over 50 years with her able Co-Director Diane Vieira. In 2011- in honor of Gina Cook’s long service to the parish, the choir loft in our new home was named the Gina Pittu Cook Mezzanine.  

Now that we have a single liturgy - we have new members and some of our young people, as well, to enhance the beauty of the Divine Liturgy. Thank you to our new Choir Director - Ms Daniella Babu-Geer  and her assistant Ms Audrianna Ocrain.

We welcome all voices - but especially tenors and basses. Any questions - contact Daniella at


Check out the musical highlights from our 2013 Choir Christmas Concert:


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Adult Religious Classes

We offer two classes open to everyone who is eager to learn more about the Orthodox faith and we encourage both Orthodox and non-Orthodox alike. 

For additional information  - email the Church Office at or Fr. George Coca at the following phone numbers:203-268-8237 (Church) or 203-373-0410 (Home) or 203-895-5464 (Cell). 

  • Living Our Faith is held from 11:00 am to 12:00 pm on Wedesday morning in the Parish Library. This is an introduction to the Faith for both Orthodox and non-Orthodox alike who wish to learn more about our beliefs.

  • Inquirer's Classes  ~ Wednesday, April 18 and 25 at 11:00 am and 6:00 pm (same class)
    For those interesting in knowing more about Orthodoxy - the original Christian way: we are Catholic, but not Roman, Evangelical, but not Protestant: Orthodox, but not Jewish, Predenominational, not non-denominational and Apostolic, not Reformed.

  • Bible Class is held from 6:30 pm to 8:00 pm on Tuesday evening in the Tonna Hall. Coffee and refreshments will be served at 6:00 pm. We are studying the Gospel of John and once again, Orthodox and non-Orthodox alike are welcome.

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Retirees - Our Seasoned Citizens

The “youngest” – at least young at heart – meet every Thursday afternoon, at 12:30pm, at the Church Hall. They have a dedicated room where they have refreshments, play Bingo or pinochle and enjoy good conversation. Attendees can bring their friends to join the group. For more information contact Florence Godin or Julie Cipu at (203) 268-8237

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Welcome to the newest section on our website
Basketball Lives on at St Dimitrie
by Linda Kolton

Memories of the Orthodox basketball league live on in the hearts and minds of many men in our congregation. Growing up, playing on the league was a time-honored tradition steeped in pride and friendly competition between other Orthodox churches in the region. My husband Van recalls with fondness what a big part of his youth the league was for him and his friends. It's been many years since St. Dimitrie had a team in the league. Our son Ethan often talked of starting one, but with so few young people of the same age in our church family, it wasn't possible to put together a team.

 Our God, the One who answers prayers and works things out for good, made Ethan's dream come true this past winter. A friend from school attends Holy Trinity in Bridgeport and invited Ethan to play on the team. When the athletic director, Chris Danas, and Father George Livaditis welcomed Ethan to the team with a warm embrace, who knew that history was in the making? We attended every game and if I told you that these games were the most exciting we've ever watched, it would be an understatement; perhaps when you play for God's teams, the stakes are that much higher. These kids on the varsity team were the smallest in the league, with other teams literally towering over them, which makes a challenging sport even more difficult. After being defeated in a tough first game, it would have been easy to lose hope for the season ahead. Coach Chris worked hard to bring the scrappy team together and, with more heart and soul than I've ever witnessed on an athletic team, these young men and women (yes, two girls played on their team!), managed to upset the entire league and bring home the first championship title in 11 years! No one saw that coming! When everything was against them, when they were down by double digits, when it felt like David versus Goliath, the chant in their team huddle with Coach and Father George was "You gotta believe!" And believe they did.

 Riding the wave of God's blessings on the team, Coach decided to do something Holy Trinity hadn't done in 20 years; he took the team to the Agganis Tournament outside of Boston; Ethan was invited to participate. This was serious competition. The first game was on a Friday night and I don't think they were expecting to win, but again, against the odds, they won by 30 points. Saturday's game was against a team who had won the tournament 5 times in 7 years; Holy Trinity beat them in overtime. They played 5 tough games in 48 hours and in the end, this bunch of young believers won the entire tournament by beating out the local allstars.

 An utterly amazing feat!

 While all the wins at the tournament were thrilling, the real take-away was not on the scoreboard. These young boys, active in their church and believers in their hearts, demonstrated something beautiful to the coaches, organizers, and parents of the other teams. Over the course of 2 full days of basketball, strangers watched these boys on and off the court. They saw their team spirit. They watched their camaraderie. While other team members went their separate ways between games, they saw the Holy Trinity gang share meals, laugh together, and connect in a way that made others take notice. During some roughness and challenges on the court, people watched this team take the high road, showing great character, kindness, tolerance, restraint, and respect. This was the attitude off the court as well, and Coach came home to tell us how many people made it a point to tell him how much they admired his team, their behavior, and their positive attitudes. These young folks not only represented Holy Trinity and St. Dimitrie, but they represented some of the best of what Jesus teaches us. We recently attended a ceremony at Holy Trinity honoring all the sports teams. Our hearts were full of pride when Ethan was awarded the Coach's Award for demonstrating character and integrity. The experience playing for Holy Trinity as a representative for St. Dimitrie was one that touched Ethan and our whole family in so many ways. We are thrilled that Ethan had the opportunity to represent our church to others and to connect with other Orthodox youth outside of church; that means so much. As members of the St. Dimitrie family, we are humbled, again and again, by the kindness, generosity, support, and love that are shared with us here. Everyone who has been embraced by St. Dimitrie, and Orthodoxy, takes that with them and shares it wherever they go. I know we do. We are truly blessed, and we thank you.


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Bring your Children to Sunday School !!!!
Immediately following Communion, teachers will meet in the back of the church and bring children downstairs for class. Parents are invited to enjoy the remainder of the service and meet children after coffee hour. Class ends at 12:00 p.m.
See Linda Kolton or Audriana Ocrain with questions. You can reach Linda at,  or call her at 203-696-0807 or Audriana at
See a slide show of some of our Sunday School children in class 
Click here to download  and print a Sunday School Registration form and bring it with you to class.
Go to our the Sunday School section on our Organizations page for more information.


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