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2021 Palm Sunday "Take Out" Dinner and Bake Sale

Our Dinner Menu

Fish with Onion Sauce
Green Beans & Rice Pilaf

Small Piece of Spinach Pita

Dessert (pick one): Apple Pie & Twists or Baklava & Twists

Bake Sale Items

Pita - Spinach or Leek (whole or half)
Sweet Bread (plain or nuts)
Lenten Cabbage & Noodles
Mititei (homemade garlic sausage)

Full dinner for one person is $28 and $50 for two people. 

Please bring your own bags and pita pans if possible.

Click links to download and print the flyer and order form.  


Pick up after Liturgy on Lazarus Saturday,  April 24th - 11:30 – 1:30pm or Palm Sunday, Sun., April 25th - 12:00 – 2 pm at the hall. 
Please pay by cash or check (no credit cards) and make checks payable to St Dimitrie Church. 

DEADLINE to place an order is April 10  

Any questions? Contact Karen Scinto at (203) 520-4462 or Audrey Fatsy at (203) 268-8243 or email

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St. Dimitrie Romanian Orthodox Church 504 Sport Hill Rd. Easton, CT 06612 (203) 268-8237

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